Rocket Launch As Seen From The Space Station.

This is cool.

A one-and-a-half minute time lapse video showing the Russian Soyuz-FG Rocket launched from Earth back in 2018 to bring supplies to the International Space Station.

Lucky Or Good?

Whether this play from the Villanova vs. Delaware game is lucky or good is a matter or opinion. Maybe it is a case of both.

Still, it is amazing to watch.


Next thing will be if the case for Alexis makes her look fat.

Oreo CEO: Stop Making New Oreos.

From the folks at College Humor.


Bereavement Oreos?

Who Hasn’t Felt Like This In Either Getting Out Of Bed Or Stopping Something They Were Doing That Was Fun?

No! I don’t wanna!

Dakota freaking out leaving the dog park round 2.

Self Improvement.

Just a quick note…..we are all dealing with either health issues or family issues. Please take this time to enjoy some lighter RoH fare until we can get back. Thanks for understanding.

(courtesy @alarminglybad)

Ain’t this the truth though?


(Image courtesy of Wyatt and Blu.)

What Does Every U.S State Flag Mean?

Flags! (And not with Sheldon Cooper.)

Flags are important to a region’s identity. They may have symbols on them you never thought about, but tell a story. Here is a video teaching the meaning behind every U.S State flag.

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