Palm Bay Wants To Send Money To People Affected By A Disaster. Just Not In The US.

As we noted several weeks ago, Councilman Felix of the Palm Bay City Council wants to send money to Haiti in order to help with the relief efforts following an earthquake there.

Tonight at a special meeting at 6 PM, the City Council will take up the idea of sending $5,500 of taxpayer dollars to Haiti.

While we acknowledge the tragedy of the Haitian earthquake, the fact of the matter is that after the 2010 earthquake, relief money that went to organizations and to the Haitian government were squandered. There was no accountability from Haiti on any level. To this day, Haiti has not recovered fully due in part to the massive corruption in the Haitian government.

On the other side, residents of Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been negatively impacted by hurricane Ida.

Do we, as American citizens, not have the duty to make sure that our own citizens are taken care of before tax money is sent to a corrupt nation?

As Americans, we are incredibly generous people. We always give to other nations in times of crisis. But there is a difference between sending tax dollars from a city in Florida to another nation and the Federal government doing so.

If Felix wants to help the people of Haiti, let him collect the money by donations.

We are leery of any money going from tax payers to unaccountable sources and groups in Haiti. Until and unless there is accountability as to where and how the money would be spent, the Palm Bay City Council should look to our own people in our own land.

We know that sounds heartless, but until Haiti can learn to take care of itself, there is no need to send good money after bad.

2 Responses to “Palm Bay Wants To Send Money To People Affected By A Disaster. Just Not In The US.”

  1. Percy Veer says:

    IMHO Tax payer money should not be used to fund any charities. it has become more common of late but opens the doors for corruption. Why do some charities receive funds and others don’t. The best way to avoid any corruption or perceptions of corruption are to insist that governments stay out of the charitable giving business. Leave this type of fundraising to the charitable organizations and other well intentioned groups. This allows individual citizens to support the groups aligned with their beliefs. It sounds like another “what about the children” pitch and sooner or later the taxpayers will find they are turning over their tax money to charitable groups that they don’t support. It may sound good in the moment but it’s a slippery slope.

    • AAfterwit says:

      Percy Veer,

      Thanks for the comment.

      It is one thing for the Federal Government to offer assistance and funds to another sovereign nation. That is an equal playing field and the Federal government can demand and gain accountability of where the aid and the money went.

      In this case, this is local money going to another sovereign nation without any oversight or accountability.

      It also hurts that the board that recommended this is chaired by Felix himself. It seems that there is a conflict of interest when you have a person born in Haiti asking whether money should go to that nation.

      Like you, we’d prefer that local money be raised by charities.

      Thanks again.

      A’ Afterwit.