Principal Makes Up Rule In Disciplining Kid Wearing Patriotic T-Shirt.

Alan Holmes attends Dexter McCarthy Middle School in Gresham, Oregon. Holmes also has a brother serving in the US military.

To show his support for his brother, the military and to recognize the ultimate sacrifice the men and women in this country make to insure our freedoms, Alan wore what many would say is a patriotic, thought provoking t-shirt which reads:

“Standing for those who stood for us.”


Then this happened:

After getting sent to the principal’s office at recess, Holmes was scolded for failing to meet the school’s dress code. The principal then told him to change his clothes or leave.

“He chose to come home and I’m proud of that,” Alan’s mother Connie said.

The school district provided the following statement in response to the incident:

I cannot comment on a specific situation due to student confidentiality requirements. We have a policy on student dress and grooming. Weapons on a shirt are not appropriate in a school setting.

However, as news station KOIN Channel 6 notes, there is no regulation in the student handbook saying a student cannot wear a t-shirt with a gun on it. (That is assuming that the image depicts a gun, rather than a temporary grave marker.)

So what is this school and school district teaching kids? That it wrong to support the US military? That it is acceptable for adults to lie when it comes to disciplining kids?

Nah. The school district is not concerned with any of those issues. As Legal Insurrection notes, instead of instructing staff and administrators on the issues of patriotism and integrity, the school district has a “whote privilege” conference.

A school district in Oregon has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to send staff to a training conference aimed at labeling white privilege as oppressive.

The week-long “Coaching for Educational Equity” conference is mandatory for all administrators and optional for teachers in the Gresham-Barlow School District in Gresham, Ore. It costs taxpayers approximately $100,000 annually.

Gresham-Barlow school board member Dan Chriestenson said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” that he wants to get past the color of a student’s skin and do what’s best for his or her future.

“During this conference, they are taught that, essentially, all white people are racist and all students of color live in a white supremacist culture. And therefore, their very best efforts will never, ever be good enough to achieve their dreams,” Chriestenson said. “That’s probably the thing that bothers me most is the hopelessness that this puts on our students of color.”

Chriestenson said that this causes teachers and administrators to view students through the prism of skin color, as opposed to what they need to succeed.

In short, the principal should be fired and the school district barred from spending $100k on things that don’t affect the quality of education a child receives and instead deals with non-existent, so called “social justice” issues.

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