Pushing The Button.

We usually don’t do this, but the other day in response to our posts on the Brevard School Board and the First Amendment, we received such a mind numbingly, ridiculous comment, void of any intelligent thought, that we wanted to take the comment, fiske it, and make a post on it. You can read the entire comments here and here as the person thought it would be a good idea to post it twice. We normally don’t let people post the same thing on different posts, but if this person wanted to expose themselves as intellectually deficient, who are we to stop them?

We did respond to them in the comment sections, but we wanted to bring this stupidity to a front page post.

Let the fisking begin….

Wtf are y’all talking about?

We are talking about the restriction the Brevard County School Board placed directly on two speakers in violation of the First Amendment, and the Board policies that are contrary to the First Amendment.

As all of our comments and citations concerned the First Amendment, we would have thought what we were talking about was readily apparent to even a child in the first grade. Apparently we were wrong as this individual goes off on a completely different tangent.

I filled out a card and they called my name to speak at this meeting.

We are sure the room was blessed with the ramblings of this person.

The dumba*es and bigots gathered out front weren’t there to give public comment in the meeting.

That’s interesting because many did. This is the first of many incorrect things they says that are factually incorrect.

It is also interesting that while decrying name calling in their comment, they actually start calling people and groups of people names.

They were there to try to spread coronavirus, be disruptive, and yell things like ‘faggots!’ and ‘pedophiles!’ at kids.

Proof please. Please prove that the group’s mission was to spread coronavirus.

While we do not dispute that the two protesting groups were heated and there were back and forth exchanges, that has nothing to do with our post other than the actions of both groups are Constitutionally protected as we said.

It was disgusting.

Whether the actions of both groups was “disgusting” or not is a moral judgement – not a legal one.

No matter what, the exchanges and comments are still protected speech.

However, as Justice Holmes wrote in 1929 (and cited in Matel v. Tam):

Speech that demeans on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, or any other similar ground is hateful; but the proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express “the thought that we hate.” United States v. Schwimmer, 279 U. S. 644, 655 (1929)

They were just too stupid to sign the signup sheets which were OUTSIDE and available to everyone.

Which is why participants on both sides were able to make comments. Perhaps this person missed that. Clearly the people against the guidelines were able to speak, so this is another case where the person commenting is wrong.

Spoiler alert: they lie a lot.

In the first paragraph of his comment, this individual made many false statements and incorrect assumptions. They continue through their entire comment. Yet they want to say others are lying.

People in glass houses…….

While those very insane people may have been there trying to relive the glory days of storming, looting, and vandalizing the U.S. Capitol building on January 6th, the Mom’s For Liberty group, led by former loser School Board Member Tina Descovitch, organized that event with the help of Republican school board members because the Republican objective of abolishing public education in favor of private and charter schools is advanced by this kind of trash.

Where to begin on this run on, rambling sentence?

This person cites no proof that anyone at the School Board meeting was at the Capital protests on January 6, 2021. As more testimony in the hearings on that event come to light, it has become know that while Trump was speaking at the Mall, Antifa (leftist activists) were already attacking the Capital. Perhaps they were trying to relieve the glory days of last summer where across the country, left leaning groups attacked, burned and looted cities and businesses. As we noted in another post, those rioters were encouraged and excused by Democratic Congressional leaders. Secondly, this person forget the riots in the Capital while Justice Kavanaugh was being confirmed. Once again, people in glass houses….

Still, we have never condoned what happened on January 6th, but more importantly none of what happened on January 6th has anything to do with the School Board trampling on the First Amendment rights of people.

We would be remiss if we did not note that while the person who wrote this comment tries to taint Tina Descovitch for losing an election (after being elected to the School Board,) they ran for office and lost by such a large margin that all of the votes they received in total would not have carried a single precinct in that district. Losers in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Finally, we are unaware that the Republican objective is to abolish public education. We can find no comment or platforms to that effect. This person has issues with the truth.

Perhaps this commentater was just trying to throw mud and see what would stick, but the tactic reeks of stupidity and desperation.

They just feel that tax dollars aren’t being well spent on educating kids ……

Yes, Republicans want accountability within the schools. We have no idea why this person is against this.

……if some politically connected millionaires aren’t getting their government handouts to run unaccountable schools that teach things like Jesus rode dinosaurs and the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery.

Once again, this has nothing to do with our posts which were about the First Amendment.

Secondly, Charter Schools are not getting “handouts.” They are held to the same educational standards that “regular” public schools are.

(And by the way, Jesus riding dinosaurs and slavery not being a cause of the Civil War is not taught anywhere of which we are aware. Just another set of lies that have nothing to do with the First Amendment.)

I agree the school board screwed up, but it wasn’t because of limiting public comment in an unreasonable way.

We know that the School Board’s limiting of the content of people’s comments was not only “unreasonable,” but illegal and unConstitutional. Perhaps the citations and laws we gave confused this commenter who chooses the “did not!” route and sees it as a valid argument.

Just like claims of massive voter fraud in ONLY four states which would have changed the outcome of the election, its a fantasy, it didn’t happen.

Once again, we see a change in the topic away from the First Amendment and the School Board policies.

However, we gave examples of two people whose speech was limited. The commenter never addresses those two incidents.

Here are the two incidents as cited in the original post:

At timestamp 1:04:00 of the meeting, a citizen by the name of Lois steps up to the microphone. At 1:05:30, Lois says this:

“For the liberal left who relies so much on science…..”

This sent Chairperson Misty Belford into somewhat of a tizzy, who interrupted the speaker:

Chairperson Misty Belford: So ma’am, I am going to interrupt you…..I’ve stopped your time… you are not missing your time, okay?

Speaker: Pardon me?

Belford: I’ve stopped your time so I’m not using your time to address this. But we are not going to do name calling. Okay? From anyone who is speaking tonight.

Speaker: I’m not insulting anyone, I’m stating a fact.

Belford: You’re refering to ‘liberal left’….. let’s just talk issue and move forward please.


Speaker: So first of all I would like to say that there are a lot of parents here tonight that are very concerned with their child’s safety. And a lot of those same parents were the ones who screamed at me, called me a bitch, a whore, a prostitute….

Belford: Whoa Whoa whoa…..whoa whoa….I can’t allow you to say those words in here, okay? I need you to make it sure that you keep it clean

The irony of this commenter missing these two examples is that one of the speakers is a young woman who claims she was called a “bitch, a whore, a prostitute.” Yet the Chair interrupted her and said those terms would not be allowed. The woman had every legal right to use those words and we support her use of the words because no other words could have expressed what she was trying to convey.

While we believe that the woman was correct in using the words and protected by the First Amendment, the commenter thinks 1) the incident where she was stopped did not happen and 2) the woman was not unreasonably prevented from making her point. This was a woman who the commenter pointed out earlier in his comment was subjected to horrible comments. Apparently the commenter believes that it is not only wrong to have people yell things, but it is wrong for people to talk about them.

Such is their devotion to the First Amendment and lack of critical thinking.

What they screwed up was inviting public comment on a policy that was enacted 4 years ago when a simple press release would have sufficed.

Apparently this commenter not only thinks that the government can limit the content of what is said, but limit the topics that people can discuss during a time for open comments on any subject.

The people on both sides of the issue were seeking redress and to have their opinions heard by the Board.

Not only is that reasonable, it is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, as well as being protected by the Florida Constitution and statutes on public meetings.

In other words, the Board had no choice as to letting the people on either side of the issue raise their concerns and address the Board.

You guys do some good reporting, this article is partisan tripe and shockingly devoid of relevant fact, context, and any fidelity to the truth.

We really liked this line.

How stupid is it to say in a comment where the writer has lied, shown a willingness to trample people’s rights, advocated breaking the law, and shown a limitless ignorance to the subject matter of free speech to assert that we did not give facts or were not truthful?

3:16:20 they did call my name.

This is a lie.

This is a screenshot of the video from the meeting. Notice the time stamp. This is when the speaker says they were being called to the podium to speak.

They weren’t.

In fact, the public comment portion of the meeting had ended at this time. Board members themselves were discussing and commenting on what was said. (Kayte Campbell was making her comments on the phone, which is why the image of her was being shown.) In other words, not only was the person not called to the podium when they say they were, but public comments had completed.

People in glass skyscrapers shouldn’t throw stones.

In all the years we have been around, this comment is one of the worst, ignorant, dishonest and disjointed comments we have received.

As we said, we seldom do posts like this (this is the second one, we believe) but there are times when we need to stand up and say “this trash is wrong.”

And stupid.

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