championship_lacrosse-m_di-LogoThe NCAA Division I Lacrosse Championships resume this weekend with four games on the schedule.

On Saturday, Albany plays number one ranked Notre Dame in Denver at 3:00 EDT. Last year the two teams met in the quarterfinals with Notre Dame coming from 5 down in the closing minutes to eek out a one victory, 14-13. Notre Dame has never won a lacrosse championship and Albany has never made it to the lacrosse championship weekend. Albany has the best player in lacrosse in Lyle Thompson and many think he is the best player ever. People will be pulling for Albany because of the Cinderella factor, but make no mistake about it, Albany is good.

The second game is Ohio State vs. Denver at 5:30 PM. Ohio State is becoming a legitimate lacrosse power while Denver relies on talent from 17 different states and countries. The teams are mirror images of each other running similar offenses. That may help the defense who will be used to playing the pick and rub styles of the offenses. At least one time during the game the television cameras will focus on Denver coach Bill Tierney on the field yelling and screaming at the officials. He has the history as a coach to where the announcers will say his antics are passionate and the officials will give him slack they would not and do not give other coaches. Just because you are in the lacrosse Hall of Fame doesn’t mean you get to act like a 5 year old.

On Sunday, the action moves back to the east coast in Annapolis. Johns Hopkins plays Syracuse at noon followed by the Maryland Terrapins taking on their old ACC rival North Carolina at 2:30 PM.

Hopkins is on a roll as of late but so is Syracuse. While Syracuse has gotten better through the year as all good teams do, Hopkins found another gear late in the year. We got the upset of Virginia by Hopkins last week right but no one expected the blowout that game was. If Hopkins plays Syracuse the way they played Virginia, the Orange are headed home. This should be a high scoring game and fun to watch.

The Maryland – Carolina game, on the other hand, may be a snoozer. Both teams like to run a fast break and then if that option is not there, work the ball around for a shot. Maryland’s last 6 games have all been decided by one goal which makes for nail biting lacrosse. It will be hard for us not to see this game as two ACC teams taking on each other rather than a Big 10 – ACC matchup.

The Saturday games can be seen on ESPNU and the Sunday games on ESPN2.

Time to set the DVR and enjoy the games.

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