Quick Hits

Here we go again with some “quick hits” – stories of note that we want you to know about, but don’t flesh out into an entire post. And once again, our “Rule 5” lady reflects the start of the baseball season.

George Washington has been selected as the “greatest foe ever” of the British according to a headline in the Telegraph. Of course, the headline is somewhat misleading and one has to read the article to see the criteria:

To qualify, each commander had to come from the 17th century onwards – the period covered by the museum’s collection – and had to have led an army in the field against the British, thus excluding political enemies, like Adolf Hitler.

Personally, we think we would have chosen Napoleon Bonaparte as his desire was for to rule and conquer the British while George Washington simply wanted to break away from the British empire. However, when you consider the comparative resources at their disposal as well as the ability of Washington to take the field against the best army in the world while having mostly rag tag soldiers, we can see Washington being chosen.

That being said, we then started to think who would be chosen as “America’s Greatest Foe” under the same criteria.

Our first thought was President Obama, but as he has never led anyone, anywhere, much less onto a battlefield, he wouldn’t qualify. Then we realized that our first thought of our greatest foe is our current president.

That’s just depressing.

After a teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina broke up a fight between two middle school kids, one child was so grateful for the intervention of the teacher he gave her a hug.

Unfortunately, hugging a teacher is against school policy so the kid was written up and then suspended.

In either breaking up the fight or pushing the kid away from her, the teacher grabbed the child’s arm to the point where she left a bruise. The kid’s parents have filed a police report against the teacher.

This is ridiculous. No one got suspended for the actual fight, but for a hug? The parents, instead of being grateful the teacher stopped the fight have decided to bring the police into the situation?

Why is it that schools and school districts try to teach everything under the sun but common sense?

If the hug was against the rules, then tell the child that and move on. That would have ended the issue.

But we can’t do that. We have to have paperwork and police and lawyers and school boards and ……


If you live in New York, you are now safe from those evil people who smoke on beaches or in swimming areas. With everything else in the state resolved, the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation issued new regulations on where people could smoke.

This is an expansion of regulations passed last year by the City of New York and the State Legislature. The driving force behind the rule is the exposure to second hand smoke kills 50,000 people a year according to the American Lung Association. Yet the studies the American Lung Association uses to support that claim are all done in closed spaces – not in the outdoors like a beach, waterfront or park.

Our opposition to this expansion is not that we smoke or even like the smell of smoke. It bothers us a great deal, but we also realize that smoking is an legal activity, and restrictions on legal activities are worrisome on many levels.

What is even worse about this is that if you see someone smoking, you are told to find a policeman and let them issue a $50 ticket. Nothing like turning citizens into instruments of the state to clamp down on people’s choices.

This seems to be just a small part of the larger effort of the government telling people what they can and cannot do. We previously covered New York City’s ban on giving food to needy and homeless people because the amount of salt and fat cannot be determined. Only in the world of government is it better to have people starve than to give them food.

We are seriously beginning to wonder what is going to happen if people simply say “enough.” What is going to happen if people stop paying taxes? What it they refuse to listen to the police? Judges? Lawmakers?

What will happen when people say “this is my life, and as long as I am not violating the rights of others, you have no business telling me what I can and cannot do?”

We may be reaching a tipping point in history.

And it will be ugly.

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