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It’s been awhile since we have done a “Quick Hits” post so we thought we’d do one now.

For those that are new to the blog, “Quick Hits” posts are where we take a look at some interesting news and stories that don’t have enough “meat” in them for a full post.

On top of that, we throw in a “Rule 5” picture to supposedly help increase viewing traffic and we end up with a post for the day.

The Georgia Better Business Bureau and the Georgia Power Company are warning customers of a scam that will rob the victims of their money.

The scammers call people and tell them that President Obama has passed a grant that will pay for the person’s utilities.

Investigators said the scammers ask for people’s Social Security numbers and bank routing numbers. The victims are then given a fake routing number to a bank and the money routed will go toward paying their utility bills.

The victims walk away thinking their bills have been paid while the scammers have access to the victims’ bank accounts.

We are posting this story as a public service, but also we were amazed at a quote by one of the victims of the scam:

“I didn’t think it was a scam because they are not asking for personal information,” Washington said.

A Social Security number isn’t “personal information?”

Oy vey.

Stand proud Florida as two strip clubs are fighting in court as to which club will have the first ever stripping appearance of “Octomom” Nadya Suleman.

You may remember Suleman as the unemployed mother of six who while on public assistance programs went and had an additional eight children through in vitro fertilization.

Suleman has had lots of financial issues (gee, who couldn’t see raising fourteen kids as a huge financial responsibility) and has after appearing nude in at least one magazine, has decided to become a stripper.

Suleman and her management team signed a contract for Suleman to strip at one club, but then tried to back out of the contract after the manager of the first club said Suleman was “crazy.” Suleman and her handlers took exception to that characterization and tried to back out of the contract.

(You mean a divorced person with no visible means of support and six kids having eight more kids is not a little crazy? That’s a revelation to us.)

Suleman then signed with another strip club which has caused the first club to sue her and the second club.

A West Palm Beach strip club is hoping a local judge will stop Octomom from making her stripping debut in Broward County this week.

You can think of it as battle of civic pride, a fight between neighboring South Florida counties for the bragging rights — or maybe it’s sagging rights — to America’s most maternally-burdened underemployed single mom.

“It means so much to be the first one to get her nationwide,” explained Gary Odle, the owner of T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach. “With this sort of thing, you have to be the first one out of the box.”

Ummmm… sure. A club whose claim to fame is having a crazy mother of 14 taking off her clothes?

Stay classy Florida.

Finally, there is this mess from a bunch of wannabe morons.

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Little league officials in Columbus say they are trying to ban parents involved in a videotaped brawl at a game.

The fight began when one of the fathers of a member of the losing team told the father of a member of the winning team that the music from his car was too loud. Soon, several fathers of the 12-year-old players were scuffling on the ground.

Police arrested two dads and charged them with disorderly conduct.

Little League Administrator Bernard Ashley said he was embarrassed by the situation and is trying to get both fathers banned from the ballpark.

There is no defense for this. None.

These people should be barred from every youth sports activity for the rest of their lives.

Un-friggin’ believable.

See ya next time for more “Quick Hits!”

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