Rebekah Jones Back In The News After Getting Suspended By Twitter.

Former data analyst Rebekah Jones is back in the news after Twitter suspended her account.

You may remember that Jones was fired by the Florida Department of Health for various reasons dealing with insubordination and lying to superiors. She claimed that the firing was due to her failure to manipulate COVID-19 data. That claim was later disproven.

In addition, Jones was served a search warrant for her computers after it was discovered she had stolen identifiable information of State of Florida employees after she hacked Florida’s Emergency Alert System and sent out an activist text.. Jones claimed at the time that the police broke into her home at gun point and ransacked her home. Body cams showed a much different story and Jones’ claim of being a victim was again shown to not be truthful.

In regards to her suspension from Twitter, Jones claimed that the suspension was from her sharing an article from the Miami Herald that was critical of the State of Florida, its response to COVID and Governor DeSantis.

The violation Twitter is accusing her of doing is “platform manipulation,” which is:

Platform manipulation includes commercially-motivated spam, the use of multiple or fake accounts, and “inauthentic engagements that attempt to make accounts or content appear more popular or active than they are,” according to Twitter’s policy.

Jones said the suspension stemmed from her repeatedly sharing a Miami Herald story published on Friday in which she detailed her months-long feud with DeSantis.

DeSantis’ office came out with this tweet:

Democrats have responded to Twitter banning Jones by saying that DeSantis is being hypocritical after his denunciation of the Twitter ban of Donald Trump:

“So … The guy who signs the bill to punish ‘big tech’ in Florida for de-platforming DJT is perfectly fine with it when the tweets criticize him,” state Rep. Dan Daley, D-Coral Springs, tweeted.

How ironic that the people that were cheering when Trump was banned from social media are now upset that Jones was banned.

Of course, there is a difference between the banning of Trump and the banning of Jones. Trump was banned because of what he said. Jones was banned for “platform manipulation” which has nothing to do with her content or what she was saying.

In addition, it must be remembered that DeSantis signed a bill protecting speech on social media platforms.

In short, the claims of the left don’t make any sense.

Finally, as we noted previously, what is missing in the coverage of this is any mention of Jones being banned or her now discredited stories about data manipulation and why she was fired in the Florida Today. For months the newspaper breathlessly told Jones’ lies stories without ever checking into them. When the stories collapsed around her, the Florida Today did not mention that – just as they are not mentioning her latest issue with Twitter.

That’s just us though. If we had run 88 posts on someone that was now shown to be a liar and arguably in need of mental health assistance, we would put a post up about that. We would put a post up about how were were manipulated and had not done our due diligence.

But that’s just us…..

….and that’s why we don’t work for the Florida Today.

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