Rock For The Ages – A Friend Found Edition.

Okay, we know that people have been using Facebook and other social media to find people or renew friendships for years but to be honest with you, we haven’t.

Yet a few days ago, by sheer chance while looking at something else on Facebook, we saw the name of an old friend from whom we had not seen or heard in years. Afer a small hesitation of “do they want to hear from us?” we sent them a message. One of the the first things we said to each other was “I have always wondered what happened to you….”

Friends are sometimes misplaced, but never forgotten.

Though the journeys of our lives have taken different paths, somehow it is comforting to know that we will see each other here, there, on in the air.

With that, here’s White Heart’s “I’ll Meet You There.”

See ya next time for more “Rock For the Ages.”

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