Rock For The Ages – Songs We Like Edition.

We decided to go in a different direction this week for our “Rock For The Ages” series and not cover a specific artist, but rather just put up a few videos of songs that we like from the past. We’ll take a look back at the artists themselves down the road, but after we got home from the radio show today, the phone has been ringing, the mailbox has been full and we just want to relax and post some music we like.

The first song is “Living in Living In Laodicea” by Steve Camp.

Years ago when we first heard this song we listened to it almost non-stop on a 900 mile trip. The cassette deck we had in our car had an “auto seek” feature that would allow you to jump ahead or back to the start of a song. We would listen to this song and hit “Rev Seek” and the song would start again. Over and over for 17 hours of travel.

When we got to our destination, the tape broke.

The second song is from Steven Curtis Chapman. His video of “The Great Adventure” was one of the videos people talked about not just for the song (which is awesome) but for the video itself.

At the 1:05 mark of the song, Chapman stands up from his bed and the walls around him fall to the ground. He goes from the cramped, dark surroundings of his room to beautiful, wide open spaces.

While it may seem quaint now, at the time it was revolutionary. Television shows had segments on how that effect was accomplished without lines, wires or any visible support.

The effect was cool for its time.

The song is cool for all time.

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