“Sow The Wind, Reap The Whirlwind.”

No one was more disappointed in the storming of the Capital Building in Washington than we were.

We believe the action by served no purpose and only served to make people mad. Furthermore, while we read some articles saying “this was not as bad as the riots in some cities,” to us that is simply moral rationalization. As an adult, we have never bought into the excuse of “they did it too,” as we gave that up after second grade.

We cannot justify what happened and will not even try. It is one thing to protest (which we support) and another to vandalize (which we condemn.)

However, President Elect Biden made a speech yesterday where he not only condemned the acts in the Capital, he tried to portray other riots in a positive light.

President-elect Joe Biden said the treatment of the rioters at the Capitol insurrection on Wednesday and of Black Lives Matter protesters last year revealed a blatant double standard in how law enforcement responded to the two groups.

Not only did we see the failure to protect one of the three branches of our government, we also saw a clear failure to carry out equal justice,” Biden said in Wilmington on Thursday.

Biden went on to recall receiving a text from his granddaughter showing an image of scores of armed officers on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer.

“She said ‘Pop, this isn’t fair,’ ” Biden said. “No one can tell me that if that had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol.”

We have no idea where Biden was this past summer, but it wasn’t in the real world.

“Peaceful protestors” attacked and vandalized federal buildings across the country.

All the while, Biden was silent.

Protestors attacked, vandalized and destroyed state and local property.

All the while, Biden was silent.

Private stores were broken into with merchandise being stolen and often times the stores set ablaze.

All the while, Biden was silent.

When people on the left took over the Wisconsin statehouse in 2012 while Biden was Vice-President, he was silent.

Protestors in Wisconsin attacked a state senator, pulled down statues and stormed the State Capital this past summer.

All the while, Biden was silent.

Vice President Elect Kamala Harris is no better:

As California’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017, she refused to endorse a 2015 bill calling for a special prosecutor to investigate deadly police shootings, the Sacramento Bee reported.

She also rejected calls from civil rights groups to investigate deadly police shootings in Los Angeles and San Francisco, following the 2014 police-involved killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

In 2015, Harris required body cameras for California Department of Justice agents but didn’t support legislation mandating them for all police officers.

The senator’s history as San Francisco district attorney from 2004 to 2011 also has been scrutinized.

Shortly after taking the job, she sparked a decade-long feud with police unions for declining to pursue the death penalty for a gang member who murdered San Francisco police officer Isaac Espinoza.

She also began prosecuting parents of habitually truant students, calling the issue of students skipping school “tantamount to a crime” — even amid criticism that the policy disproportionately targeted low-income people of color, the Los Angeles Times reported.
Getty Images

She sent letters to San Francisco public school parents each year, threatening them with citations for truancy, and sponsored a 2010 law to make it a misdemeanor for parents whose children miss 10 percent of school a year without a good excuse. The punishment: a $2,000 fine, jail or both.

Harris also opposed a state initiative to soften minimum mandatory sentences — even though the criminal justice reform plan she rolled out while running for president called for their end.

One of Harris’ worst scandals came in 2010 when a technician was caught skimming cocaine from a crime lab and mishandling evidence. A judge ruled her office failed to disclose that information to defense attorneys, causing more than 600 drug-related cases to get tossed out.

That same year, Harris opposed an initiative in the state to legalize marijuana, despite now supporting such legislation.
Kamala Harris in 1997MediaNews Group via Getty Images

During her tenure as attorney general, at least 1,560 people were thrown behind bars for marijuana-related offenses from 2011 to 2016, according to data from the Washington Free Beacon.

Harris’ handling of wrongful convictions has also been called into question.

As AG, her office fought against new DNA testing for death-row inmate Kevin Cooper, who claims he was framed for murder. Some legal experts believed the test could help overturn his conviction.

Her prosecutors also defended the conviction of George Gage, who was charged in 1999 with sexually abusing his stepdaughter — and put away by her testimony, according to a New York Times opinion piece.

A judge later found that Harris’ prosecutor failed to turn over exculpatory evidence — including that the stepdaughter had repeatedly lied to law enforcement and that her mother described her as a “pathological liar.”

It is that type of hypocrisy from politicians that make people angry. Biden says vandalization is wrong, but refuses to acknowledge that it happened during the summer.

Biden had a chance to put into action the type of reconciliation that he claims he wants. He could have stood up and said “violence in protests is never acceptable.” Instead, he chose to make the division in the country even wider by condemning a day of violence while dismissing months of violence and billions in property damage.

We are left to believe that Biden, like so many politicians, will put a political position over the citizens of the United States – all of the citizens.

Years ago, Biden, who took Amtrak trains to DC from his home, was scheduled to be given an award by Amtrak for his support in the Congress for funding the poorly run, non-sustaining rail giant.

The press was waiting for him in Washington. The Amtrak executives were there. Crowds of employees were told to attend.

At the moment when Biden was to appear, he was no where to be found.

The Amtrac train upon which he had been riding broke down and was disabled.

Was the breakdown his fault? No. Not at all.

What was his fault was his support of Amtrac who had a horrible safety and maintenance record.

Even then, Biden was willing to bury his head in the sand.

By turning a blind eye to the riots around the country, Biden “sowed the wind.”

On Wednesday, he “reaped the whirlwind.”

5 Responses to ““Sow The Wind, Reap The Whirlwind.””

  1. Percy says:

    They are correct in one thing, things would have been handled completely differently if this had been a BLM or Antifa protest. The capital building would now be ablaze and located in the center of a new autonomous zone while politicians scream that they need to defund the capital police. The double standards by politicians is disgraceful and its sad so many folks believe their rhetoric.

    People who break the law should be arrested and prosecuted no matter what political party they participate in.

  2. Carla says:

    Last night on 60 Minutes, Senator King used the quote, “Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind”, but he was referring to the actions of President Trump.

    Also on 60 Minutes were portions of the taped call from President Trump to Secretary of State Raffensperger, where Trump is pressuring Raffensperger to illegally change the vote count. I’m glad the call was taped, or else Trump would claim it was “perfect” and that Raffensperger was just making this stuff up.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      King was a Democrat prior to now being an “Independent.” Not that it matters as once again, he seems woefully uninformed and unwilling to see what happened.

      First, Trump said supporters should protest. Protest – not rage, burn and riot. In the middle of the Capital Hill event, Trump told people to go home. (It can be argued that the Capital Police screwed up on this as well but to be honest with you, they shouldn’t have been needed.)

      However, where was King (and as we said Biden, Harris, Pelosi, etc.) when this was going on:

      There are different ways of measuring the property damage the riots caused, but they are up there with the damage from the 1992 Los Angeles rioting, and the totality of the urban riots of the 1960s.
      Looters, rioters, and others connected with the unrest murdered approximately twelve people …
      Minneapolis: For the first few days of riots, Minneapolis police focused on defending their embattled 3rd Precinct building located at the center of the unrest. The mayor then ordered the police to stand down and abandon the building to the angry crowd that had surrounded it. The police withdrawal caused the situation to “spin[] out of control in the neighborhood around the precinct house”; the Precinct was burned to the ground, and “nearly every building around it [was] vandalized, looted or set on fire.”
      Seattle: In early June, as rioters began to overwhelm the affected neighborhood, Mayor Jenny Durkan, over the objection of Police Chief Carmen Best, ordered the Seattle police to abandon its precinct in the area, allowing rioters to trash the building.
      Nearby, beginning in June, demonstrators took over a stretch of Interstate 5, blocking traffic for nineteen consecutive nights. Although walking on I-5 is illegal, “the Washington State Patrol looked the other way, even setting up barriers” to facilitate demonstrators’ blocking of the freeway, and refused to arrest those who obstructed traffic.
      Portland: Portland suffered three months of nightly riots. Daryl Turner, head of the Portland Police Association, alleged that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt limited the city’s response to riots in order to appease lawbreakers: “If it is acceptable for rioters to commit acts of violence against community members and to try and burn down occupied buildings, and if this conduct is allowed to continue,” Turner said, “then Portland is lost.” Oregon State Police, about one hundred of whom had been in Portland for two recent weeks to assist local authorities with quelling violence, announced in mid-August that they were withdrawing from the city in frustration. “We’re in a county that’s not going to prosecute this criminal behavior,” said a State Police spokesman.
      Chicago: On a particularly violent weekend in early June, Mayor Lightfoot refused to deploy the National Guard beyond Chicago’s central business district, drawing condemnations from officials representing districts on the south and west side of the city, which were left unprotected during Chicago’s deadliest weekend in sixty years.
      Louisville: Riots left the city’s downtown “look[ing] like a war zone,” according to a local paper. Louisville Police accused Mayor Greg Fischer of issuing stand-down orders to officers during riots, allowing lawlessness to run rampant.
      New York: When violence in New York City erupted in May, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that NYPD officers would use “a light touch” with demonstrators.
      Columbus: Although several highranking city officials denied this, multiple 911 operators informed callers reporting attacks by rioters that police were under orders to stand down: “We were told by our mayor to stand down, so the mayor has given [demonstrators] full range of the street,” said one operator.
      Long Beach: Video clips showed looters “busting their way out of a boarded-up store … with armloads of clothes as officers watch from a few dozen feet away,” as well as “looters bolting past a cluster of officers in riot gear, who are unable to grab a single one of them.” City officials, while denying accusations of a stand-down order, admitted that the police response was lackluster; Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna said the department expected only a few hundred peaceful demonstrators, and mistakenly thought that officers should preemptively “back off” in the hope “that people will protest peacefully” and “that there is voluntary compliance.”
      Indianapolis: In Indianapolis, Mayor Joe Hogsett denied allegations of a stand-down order, but the city’s police chief admitted, “We did allow the protesters”— who, the Chief claimed, were initially peaceful—”to have a little more space in the circle”; although officers remained in the vicinity, he said, “We simply backed off in an effort to give them space and to oblige their requests.” According to local news, “[m]any business owners in downtown … are angry because they believe it is the choice to back off which gave instigators enough room to cause destruction, and by that time, officers were no longer in a position to handle it.”
      Raleigh: The weak law enforcement response to rioting and looting led many downtown observers to “question[] why police at times were nowhere to be found as protesters damaged property.”
      Denver: Police leadership in Denver was accused by Nick Rogers, head of the local police union, of ordering officers withdraw from a July pro-police rally and effectively permit demonstrators to be attacked by counter-protestors—though, according to Rogers, one SWAT lieutenant on the scene disregarded the order and refused to retreat.

      It is no wonder the people that stormed the Capital thought they were doing exactly what protestors in other parts of the country were doing. The left had allowed illegal actions in the summer and now seem shocked that others did the same illegal actions.

      As for the phone call, we are shocked – shocked – that 60 Minutes would play portions of the conversation.

      Trump and his advisors ask for access to the data. They are not asking that the State do anything illegal.

      Here is the last comment Trump made in that conversation:

      And, and everyone’s going to look very good if the truth comes out, it’s OK. It take a little while, but let the truth come out.

      Maybe 60 Minutes should have gotten Dan Rather’s input on the call. He has a good reputation for the truth when it comes to Republican Presidents. [/sarc]

      Thanks again.


  3. Carla says:

    “Methinks thee dost protest too much.”

    You mention that Senator King was a Democrat before he was an “Independent”, then said that it doesn’t matter. Did you know that President Trump also was a Democrat before his current stint as a “Republican”? Not that it matters. But Trump acts more like a RINO.

    • AAfterwit says:


      Thanks for the comment.

      It has been amazing watching you and others try to say that Trump incited and approved the violence at the Capital (even though that is a lie) and yet continually deny the comments made by left leaning elected officials over the summer.

      We have at least been consistent. We are against the violence, the rioting and the looting no matter who is doing it.

      You worry more about what Trump didn’t say rather than condemning what people who actually supported riots did say.

      Thanks again.

      A. Afterwit