State’s Attorney Says Police Were Right To Dismiss Complaint On Masked Child. Fine Responds.

We have posted concerning the case of a Down Syndrome child in Brevard County who parents and Representative Randy Fine accused the teachers, staff, School Board and School District of “child abuse” by taking approved measures to secure a mask on the child during school.

The parents are suing the School District for $100 million.

There are several things we know. First and foremost, the Indian Harbor Beach police did investigate the claim the parents made and found the claims without merit. We also know that the parents misrepresented / lied concerning the masking of the child, the methods, and when pictures of the child were taken.

The parents, their lawyers, and Representative Fine demanded that the State’s Attorney look into the matter.

The result was not good for them.

State Attorney Phil Archer on Monday backed the results of a police investigation that cleared two Brevard County teachers of charges of child abuse in the case of Sofia Bezerra, a 7-year-old special needs student who came home from a school last October with a mask tied to her face.

A review of the Indian Harbour Beach Police Department investigation was completed by Archer’s office with “no finding of criminal wrongdoing” against the two Brevard Public School employees, according to a news release posted Monday to the state attorney’s website and social media accounts.

The statment from Archer reads:

January 24, 2022 State Attorney Announces Review of BCPS Masking Involving Disabled Student

Today (Jan 24), State Attorney Phil Archer announced that the review of the Indian Harbor Beach Police investigation into allegations by Jeffery Steel of improper masking of a disabled student by Brevard County Schools staff in October of 2021, was concluded with no finding of criminal wrong doing.

“I want to commend Chief Butler and his investigative staff for a very thorough and professional investigation. After a careful review of the investigative reports, interviews, and evidence provided to our office, we agree with the conclusion reached by the Indian Harbor Beach Police that no criminal acts were committed.”

Archer went on to add, “This case is a text book example of what rushing to judgment prior to the conclusion of an investigation, can produce in today’s hypersensitive politically charged climate.

While concern for the well-being of any child subject to this type of allegation is understandable, the immediate character attacks circulated electronically targeting teachers, administrators, and support staff were not only disturbing, but have been shown to be completely without merit. As leaders and as a community, we must do better.”

As is to be expected, Randy Fine commented on the Archer investigation and findings:

“Phil Archer is certainly free to stand with those who broke the law, force-masking children,” Fine said.

“This special needs girl was force-masked, illegally, without the knowledge or consent of her parents and doctor, and without any science to support it,” he said. “Those who directed it — and concealed it from the parents — deserve a special place in hell. I hope that Sofia and her family receive justice through their lawsuit.”

It doesn’t seem to us that Archer is “standing with” anyone. What Archer did is what you want a State Attorney to do – to investigate, look at the facts, and come to a conclusion as to whether the incident warranted criminal charges.

Archer is standing with the facts, not with people.

That to us is the main issue here. Are we supposed to be outraged by the facts? Or by the unsubstantiated accusations of Fine and the parents?

After the Indian Harbor Police released the results of the investigation which found no wrong doing on the part of the school, the teachers and other employees, those who supported the parental / Fine narrative noted that a representative of the State Attorney’s Office was at a meeting where the IHB Police presented their results where the representative said Archer’s office would review the findings.

“AHA!” they exclaimed while dismissing the IHB Police report. “Now we will have an real investigation where the truth will vindicate the parents!”

With the release of the statement by Archer that his office found no wrong doing, we wonder where those supporters will go?

Will they have the ability to admit they were wrong? Or will they follow Fine and make unwarranted accusations against anyone who disagrees – facts be damned.

We have said from the beginning that it is horrible that this child is being used as a political pawn.

We were hoping that the case would go away after everything was exposed and out in the open.

It appears from Fine’s statement that is not going to happen.

Shame on those who put politics ahead of innocent children.

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