Paul Irey Doesn’t Like Us. We Are Not Shedding Tears.

In our post “Dear Birthers: Grasping at Straws Hurts the Conservative Cause,” we showed how the work and analysis of a “Paul Irey,” an “expert in typography” as proclaimed by World Net Daily was somewhat shoddy, to say the least. The quality of the work of Mr. Irey was not the main focus of our piece. The focus was that “birthers” – those who continue to claim that Obama is not an American citizen and or his birth certificates are not “real” – are a distraction to the main issues of the upcoming presidential campaign and election. We believe, and stated, that the vast majority of the country have made up their minds about the “birther” issue and as such, it is a distraction to other more compelling issues that resonate with voters.

We were therefore surprised and somewhat shocked when a comment left on the post was made by the aforementioned Paul Irey.

We thought we had given Mr. Irey’s work a pretty thorough, albeit “light” bashing in the original post, but apparently he was not satisfied. That is not surprising. One thing that we have noticed over the years is that conspiracy theorists have a thought process that relies more on perception rather than reality. For example, a conspiracy theorist will say, “Look at ‘A’!” as support for his theory. When “A” is de-bunked, the conspiracy theorist will respond with “but look at ‘B’!” After debunking “B,” the conspiracy theorist will say, “Ah! But look at ‘C’!” When “C” is debunked also, they will return to “A” or a variation of “A.” After awhile, with all the permutations of the debunked theories they maintain are legitimate, a person is tired of the battle and simply says “whatever.” The conspiracy theorist will then say “you need to look at all the evidence!” even though you have discredited all of the evidence.

One person described this type of thought pattern as “roaches after the lights come on.” It is a weird name, but at the same time, it makes the point that if you kill one roach in your home, there are others – more in fact – because the roaches are able to reproduce faster than you can kill them. You may end up killing them to the point where they are out of your home, but they never go away. They never accept defeat. They will never listen to rational thought.

Publishing Note

For those of you who missed it, we wrote a post the other day concerning how the “birther” issue was a distraction to the conservative cause. In it, we commented on the work of one “Paul Irey” who the folks at World Net Daily claimed to be an “expert.” We were surprised that Irey took the time to write in our comment section that we were “bogus” and a “fool.”

Where we come from, “‘dem be fightin’ words.”

We are, at this point in time, preparing a detailed post examining fully Irey’s claims and “expertise” in the necessary fields to determine whether the Obama birth certificate is a forgery or not.

Because of the depth of the upcoming post, it is a light posting day today.

We want to make clear one thing. We don’t have a dog in this fight. Whether the Obama birth certificate is real or forged is not something we are going to decide. The post on Irey’s claim will deal with his work, his analysis and his eventual conclusion.

When we first wrote the original post that sparked this discussion, our intention was merely to say to the “birthers,” there are other, better issues that resonate with the undecided and independent voters than the birth certificate issue.” We wrote then and continue to believe now that the issue is a distraction and in fact, hurts the conservative cause.

Dear Birthers: Grasping at Straws Hurts the Conservative Cause.

Dear Birthers,

We, the rational conservatives of these United States, wish that you would shut up about the birth certificate of President Barack Obama. There is a “guilt by association” factor and the fact that your theories are looney, delusional and devoid of reality makes you no different than those who think the Apollo moon landings never occurred.

Please, we beg you, stop appearing as nuts to the average voter who knows the eligibility issue to be settled in both fact and in law.

Thank you.

The latest foray into the birth certificate nonsense comes from a familiar source – the nuts at World Net Daily who on June 7, 2011 proclaimed “Expert: Obama doc is ‘proof’ – of fraud

“My analysis proves beyond a doubt that it would be impossible for the different letters that appear in the Obama birth certificate to have been typed by one typewriter,” Irey told WND.

“Typewriters in 1961 could not change the size and shape of a letter on the fly like that,” he said. “This document is definitely a forgery.”

The “expert” is one Paul Irey, who worked as a typographer for over fifty years. Setting type was a specialized skills back in the 1960’s. However, it has nothing to do with the document at hand. Why? Because setting type does not give you expertise in current scanning methods, issues with OCR programs, paper types or typewriter ink absorption into paper.

Irey’s argument centers around this “analysis:”

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