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On Thursday, we wrote about the inflated kerfuffle happening in Satellite Beach. Near the end of a very long City Council meeting (the meeting was over 6 hours long and ran past midnight) Vice Mayor Scott Rhodes brought up an issue concerning the use of the city’s “Citizens On Patrol.” Rhodes had been given an picture of a city volunteer who in the picture was seen going to his car in the parking lot of a local WalMart. The volunteer was not in uniform. In that the city has budget problems, Rhodes asked if this was policy and emphasized the image that having a volunteer not in uniform gave gave a negative impression of the COP volunteers and the city.

Councilman French and Chief of Police Jeff Pearson said they had seen the picture as well.

After a short discussion, the resolution was to make sure the rules of using the car – specifically the need to be in the city’s uniform – were reinforced to city employees and volunteers.

That’s all.

End of discussion. A minor issue was resolved.

However, as we noted, some people can’t let such issues go. On Memorial Day, we received an email trying to agitate the situation. At the time, we did not identify the person sending the email as they are not a public figure.

That all changed on Saturday when the author of the email managed to have his thoughts published in the Florida Today newspaper.

Stupid Letters To The Editor – Will SOMEONE Teach History?

Once in awhile there is a letter to the editor that is so moronic as well as void of facts and understanding, one wonders how the person who wrote it manages to walk without dragging their knuckles.

Such is that case with a letter written to the Florida Today by Tommy Gillis of Port St. John and published by the newspaper on May 24, 2012.

We realize and understand that letters are opinions, but on some level, one would think the newspaper would have some responsibility to make sure the premise of the letter has some – a smattering would be good – of facts before throwing it out to the public to read.

Here’s the letter in its entirety, and after that, we’ll break down the issues with it.

Churches Should Stay Out of Politics or Pay Taxes

I see the Catholic Church is suing the Obama administration for requiring it to provide health care coverage to its employees.

Great place to work, huh? Maybe the administration will hire the same lawyers to defend itself against the church that the church used to defend itself in its unthinkable cover-up of pedophiles and child molesters.

Let’s not forget organized religion pays no taxes. It receives tax-exempt donations and uses them for political gain. Look at the Mormon church and its support of Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California last year.

Why should churches get a tax break on political donations and not you or me?

Organized religion should get out of politics or pay taxes on their donations.

Where is the tea party? What would Jesus do?

Oy vey.

Let’s start off with the very first line:

Stupid Letters To The Editor – Florida Today Edition.

Letters to the editor concerning the contraception / abortion / religious freedom issue seem to still be pouring into the Florida Today newspaper. We commented on one such letter last week, and today another writer has decided to display incredible ignorance and a lack of critical thinking.

The author of this tome is Peter C. Wolff of Melbourne Beach, Florida. In a letter entitled “Contraception mandate not about religious freedom,” he writes:

Catholics and contraception: A media argument about what? Religious freedom?

Catholics can refuse birth control pills. They can choose to have all children possible, but at their expense, not the American taxpayers. This is not religious freedom, this is personal responsibility, the very bedrock of Republican and Democratic philosophy.

Are we to abandon the separation of church and state upon the dictates of the papacy?

President Barack Obama has given the Catholic bishops a way out. Let insurance companies cover women’s contraceptives at no real cost to insurance companies. Sixty-one percent of Americans are for this solution.

Republicans are again putting women at risk for an ideological argument that doesn’t hold water. Come on, ladies, do you really want to sacrifice your choice to the Catholic bishops and their lobbyists, or their Republican representatives?

If Wolff actually believes this is simply a “media argument,” he hasn’t been paying attention. It is not just the Catholic Church that has spoken out about this issue. Leaders of faiths see this issue as an attack on their religious freedoms. Even non-theists see this as an attack on the rights and liberties as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. In short, this is not a “media argument.”

Newspaper Says Character in Marriage Shows Character in Presidency. Cites Gary Hart As Prime Example. HUH?

The Florida Today newspaper had an opinion piece yesterday asking whether marriage fidelity should be taken into account for a candidate running for President.

The article’s headline blares out the question and the paper’s answer:

Is adultery bad?
Politicians who betray spouses might do same to voters

The question is a fair one. If a person breaks their marriage vows of fidelity to their wife, how will that play out if the person is elected to the office of President?

If a person cannot be trusted with their most loving and intimate relationship, how will they act in the relationship with the American people?

To illustrate, the author writes:

In our not too distant past, a feeling of shame made people go into hiding after an adulterous relationship was exposed. Now they go on television . They either deny it (Herman Cain), admit it and say they’ve asked God for forgiveness (Newt Gingrich), or pay no political price at all (space limitations prevent me from listing the legion of politicians that fall into this last category.)

We may be a little sensitive here, but the only people listed are Conservative Republicans.

It is not until later the writer comes up with an example of a Democrat being accused of adultery:

Letter to the Editor from Someone Who Votes. Be Very Afraid.

The Florida Today newspaper ran a “Your Opinion” letter to the editor from a John Cunningham pf West Melbourne.

Cunningham starts by saying:

As we approach the 2012 election season, the right wing has trotted out its time-tested bromide of “class warfare” to decry the notion wealthy people should pay their fair share to ensure we have a functioning society.

We wanted to make sure we represented Cunningham’s ideas fairly, so we looked up the word “bromide.” According to, a “bromide” is a a platitude or trite saying.” Right off the bat, Cunningham launched into a unsubstantiated attack in framing the message as “trite.” Yet later on, as we will see, he agrees liberals are engaged in and should support”class warfare.”

Liberals typically run from this intended slur, when we should embrace it. Of course, it’s class warfare, and the right has been annihilating us for 30-plus years.

We guess saying “class warfare” wasn’t a “bromide” after all.

FLORIDA TODAY’s pompous columnists moan that a substantial portion of Americans pay little or no federal taxes. That’s what happens when the top 1¤percent control 24 percent of the wealth. They think it would be swell for the working poor to cough up a little more in addition to the payroll tax, sales tax and other and taxes everyone pays.

Cunningham needs to be introduced to facts instead of rhetoric.

Ignorance On Display in Letters to the Editor!

Once again I am going to steal borrow an idea that a friend has used on his blog. He calls the series “Stupid Letters to the Editor.” For me, it is just a case where a letter to the editor of the local newspaper demonstrates the idiocy of the writer.

Lord knows that in this day and age, despite the wealth of readily available information that is quickly and easily accessible, there never seems to be a shortage of people who are willing to expose their stupidity and ignorance for all the world to see. Not only that, their stupidity and ignorance will be preserved for all time. That is not a legacy I would want, but apparently many people do.

Today’s contestant is Alice E. Tisthammer of Cocoa, Florida who somehow managed to come up with this missive that appeared in the Florida Today Newspaper on May 1, 2011:

Working Is Slavery

Editor’s Note: If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, allow me to say that I am taking this idea of commenting on a “letter to the editor” from a friend of mine on whose blog I used to work. I hope he doesn’t mind.

I received a call from a friend of mine saying the Sunday, March 13, 2011 edition of the Florida Today newspaper had letter to the editor that had to be read to be believed. He read it to me over the phone and I didn’t believe it. I went online and read the letter there.

I still don’t believe it.

One Helen Bennett of Rockledge, Florida took her pen / keyboard / pencil / crayon in hand and wrote the following for all the world to see:

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