Rick Perry Dons His Leather Jacket and Jumps the Shark.

We haven’t written too much about the Republican Presidential Candidates so far. No candidate will ever match up to everything a person believes in, so you end up picking your choice based on the things that are important to you, and the things you can live with, even if you disagree.

So far we have eliminated Ron Paul because, well, because he is Ron Paul. Often described as the person “most likely to remind people of their crazy ol’ uncle,” that description is actually insulting to “crazy ol’ uncles.”

Ron Paul is worse in that the uncle is harmless. Ron Paul, if elected, is dangerous.

Then there is Rick Perry.

The governor of Texas has some good points, but in our opinion he made a huge, monumental gaffe in the September 22, 2011 Republican Presidential debate declaring people to be “without a heart” if they opposed his program to allow illegal immigrants in-state college tuition rates.

Here is the exchange, in case you missed it:

On Illegal Immigrants and Driver’s Licenses.

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is again proposing that New Mexico not issue driver’s license to people who are not legally within the United States.

This seems totally reasonable as a driver’s license is often a “gateway document” which will allow the person to obtain more documents both in and out of the state.

Because asking people to follow the laws of the county as a basis for obtaining a driver’s license is reasonable, Democrats and special interest groups are against the proposal.

Gov. Susana Martinez is renewing her battle to make New Mexico the 49th state to prohibit illegal immigrants from getting driver’s licenses, setting the stage for a heated fight during a special legislative session later this year.

Democrats in both New Mexico and Washington—the last two states to permit illegal immigrants to get official driver’s licenses—shot down bills aimed at tightening their rules earlier this year. Supporters of the current law say state licensing laws reduce the potential number of uninsured and untrained drivers.

The attack on the proposed law is three pronged. First, people argue that there are no statistics that support the idea that illegal immigrants are getting driver’s licenses.

Chamber of Commerce Supports Businessess Who Hire Illegal Immigrants. Wait. What?

This week the Supreme Court announced its decision in Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting. In doing so, the court affirmed a 9th Circuit ruling that allowed the state of Arizona to fine or revoke the licenses of businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

We here at Raised on Hoecakes have always made the distinction between hiring an illegal immigrant and knowingly hiring an illegal immigrant. With the plethora of fake ID’s and other work documentation, it is difficult for a business to know what is real and what is not. Penalties for simply hiring an illegal immigrant seem wrong to us if the owner of the business has acted in good faith. Otherwise, you may get into a type of racial profiling where a person is not hired because of their nationality rather than their status to be eligible to work. A person may “look” illegal, therefore the business may not hire them for fear of being fined. The E-Verify system allows businesses to hire with the knowledge they have made a legitimate, good faith effort to comply with both the letter and spirit of the law outlawing the hiring of illegal immigrants.

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