Town Drops Veggie Code Violation; Woman Now At Risk for Unlicensed Dogs

As we posted last week, 92 year old Oak Park, Michigan resident Julie Bass was threatened with 93 days in jail for alleged code violations. The city planner, one Kevin Rulkowski, said the raised vegetable gardens in the front yard of Bass’ home were not “suitable” and therefore against the city code.

Bass was told she had to remove the garden or face 93 days in jail.

Bass fought back against the over-officious city officials by starting her own Facebook page. The story of her plight went “viral,” causing the city government to be flooded with calls and emails.

The city has dropped the charges and case against Bass.

City officials — who were barraged with emails and even threatening phone calls — have since filed the paperwork to drop the charges without telling Bass, (Bass’ lawyer Solomon) Radner said.

He wondered if they made the move to get the city out of the spotlight.

“Charges are dropped for the time being,” Radner said. “Based on the games the city has been playing, I would not put it past them to drop the charges just to get the media off their back.”

You would think this would be a win for the small man (or woman) against a city government that clearly lost sight of what is important and simply wanted to demand that others follow the style and appearances of homes they think are correct and appropriate.

But petty tyrants do not go away easily and the government of Oak Park is no different.

City Tells Resident Not to Grow Veggies Because They Are Not “Suitable.”

Allow us to introduce you to 93 year old Julie Bass of Oak Park, Michigan.

Bass lived through the Great Depression and also World War II. When Bass felt the prices of organic vegetables was too high, Bass did what any self-reliant, self-sufficient woman of her generation would do: Bass planted her own little “Victory Garden” in her front yard.

Incredibly, the city of Oak Park has cited her for a code violation, ticketed her and is now threatening her with 93 days in jail.

Bass’ cool garden has landed her in hot water with the City of Oak Park. Code enforcement gave her a warning, then a ticket and now she’s been charged with a misdemeanor.

“That’s not what we want to see in a front yard,” said Oak Park City Planner Kevin Rulkowski.

Rulkowsi seems to believe that the vegatables are not “suitable” for the front yard.

Evil Power Company Says It Can’t Make A Profit Because Of High Taxes

According to, another power company is complaining that taxes – specifically property taxes – are so high as to preclude them from making a profit.

Producing 225,592 kilowatt hours of electricity in its first year of operation, a solar farm in eastern Kalamazoo Coun­ty that went online in early 2010 has exceeded expectations.

Also exceeding expecta­tions is the property tax, said Sam Field, a Kalamazoo attor­ney and one of the owners of Kalamazoo Solar. (emphasis mine)

That’s right, a solar power company says it can’t make a profit because its property tax is too high.

Kalamazoo Solar owners are appealing the company’s first property-tax bill of $27,394, which they say is higher than the retail value of a year’s production of electricity by the farm. The energy generated by the solar farm, which began operating in February, is being sold to Consumers Energy under a 12-year contract.


Dearborn Still Doesn’t Get It

Once again, Dearborn, Michigan shows how pathetic they are.

Once again, the issue is Pastor Terry Jones.

Once again, the issue is the right, guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, to express ideas – even ideas that are unpopular – in a public forum.

Once again, Dearborn demonstrates its lack of commitment to foundations of this country and the basic rights of all men.

Once again, Dearborn gets it completely, utterly and totally wrong.

Pastor Terry Jones, he of “burn the Koran” fame, has been fighting with the city of Dearborn, Michigan over the right to protest in front of Islamic Center located there. There has been great pressure from the local Muslim community to prevent Jones from making any protests. Indeed, a District Court Judge ruled that he could not protest on the public property outside of the mosque. Instead, Jones was told he had to protest in one of five “free speech zones” the city set established.

(Isn’t it nice to know that in Michigan, they believe that they can designate what is or is not a place where you have “free speech?”)

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