PALM BAY: The Meeting.

This past Thursday, the City of Palm Bay held a regular meeting. As we said, the big issue was the procedure to appoint a replacement for Councilman Bailey, who has announced he is resigning.

(During the meeting Bailey said he was moving to a more rural setting and away from the urban life. A commenter here noted that Bailey had gotten a teaching job up in Alabama. If it is Bailey’s dream and in the best interest of his family to move away from Palm Bay, more power to him. We should all follow our dreams and take care of our family.)

At the beginning of the meeting, Mayor Medina made a motion to bring the agenda item on the ordinance more to the top of the agenda. Councilman Foster voted against that as well as another councilman who we could not identify.

With the council chambers being packed, and with over 200 people outside, the move made sense.

(It should be noted that the City ran out of comment cards for people to sign up to speak. Whether planned or by accident, running out of cards made it seem like the City Council didn’t want to hear more people than they had to.)

BREAKING: Palm Bay Votes To Appoint A New Councilperson Until A Special Election Can Be Held.

Tonight the Palm Bay City Council voted to allow the Council to appoint an “interim” Council member until a special election can be held 75 – 180 days after the vacancy occurs.

Councilmen Felix, Foster and Johnson all voted for this while Councilman Bailey and Mayor Medina voted against it.

No one has owned up to bringing the proposed change in the agenda forward and it will likely stay forever hidden in the smokey back rooms of City Hall.

We’ll have more on this later.

Palm Bay: Jeff Bailey Announces Resignation. He Needs To Resign Now.

Palm Bay City Councilman Jeff Bailey announced his resignation at the July 1, 2021 City Council meeting.

Bailey has long been considered to be member of the Council who is most fiscally conservative and who often fought for constituents rather than special interests and for the City government itself. Bailey always seemed to view taxpayer dollars as if they were his own and coming out of his pocket rather than money that grew on trees in City Hall as many Council members do.

Bailey literally was considered the “people’s Councilman,” and he will be missed.

Bailey’s resignation, which is effective August 5, 2021 kicks in a provision of the City Charter covering vacancies on the City Council:

§ 50.55 COUNCILMEMBER — PERMANENT VACANCY. (A) When a permanent vacancy occurs in the office of councilmember as a result of death, resignation, illness, disability, forfeiture of office, written court order, or other lawful written order or action, such vacancy shall be filled in accordance with the following procedures:

(1) When there is one (1) year or less remaining in the term of said office, the council shall, by a majority vote, choose a qualified successor to serve the remainder of the term.

(2) When more than one (1) year is left remaining in the term of said office and no general municipal election is scheduled within one (1) year, a special election shall be scheduled to be held no sooner than ninety (90) days or more than one hundred eighty (180) days following the date of the vacancy. The individual elected shall serve the remainder of the unexpired term. (Ord. 2012-47, passed 12-20-12)

Palm Bay: Corruption “Workshop” Tonight. Let The Theater Begin.

Palm Bay is holding a “Corruption Workshop” tonight at 6:00 PM in the Council chambers. According to a notice sent out by the City, the workshop will feature agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Palm Bay: Moya Gets Owned By Bailey And Johnson Pulls Out Excuses That Five Year Olds Use.

We had discussed two agenda items for the December 3, 2020 Palm Bay City Council meeting. The first was the proposal for making December 24th an official paid holiday for City employees and the second was to address the pay of police and communications workers within the City.

We’ll address the pay for police first.

Chief Moya made an impassioned plea for increasing the pay of police. He threw up lots of charts and data.

What became clear was that Moya was looking for more pay and that the people Palm Bay was hiring were not looking into total compensation. This became a critical point as during discussion, Council Bailey noted that when pension benefits are added in, Palm Bay has the most compensation for its workers in the county – by a good amount. Moya agreed but said the pension came from the City budget and not the Police Department budget and Moya was only bringing up the numbers for the Police Department budget. We wondered why until we realized that Moya was hiding data that hurt his cause.

Moya said that “millennials” weren’t looking at long term total, overall compensation, but only pay.

Palm Bay: Staff Recommends Increased Staff Benefits.

Just yesterday, we wrote about Deputy Mayor Kenny Johnson’s proposal to give City employees December 24th off at a cost of $99,925 to the taxpayers who are struggling financially due to the pandemic and economic fallout from that.

We will keep saying how tone deaf and insulting to the citizens of Palm Bay this proposal is. We note in another post today that the nearly $100K could be transferred to the police department to get vehicles they say they need.

Yet something else caught our eye as we were looking at the post.

There is a cover memo to the agenda item for the day off proposal. It is written by Acting City Manager Suzanne Sherman thru Human Resources Director Charleena Cox.

We missed the connection, but at the bottom there is this:

Palm Bay: Corruption On Display – The Numbers.

The other day we talked about how the City of Palm Bay was proposing an illegal bonus for police officers. That proposition will be voted upon by the City Council tonight at a regular meeting.

One of our ninjas brought the idea of a police raise to our attention. While we focused on the legality of the proposition, they focused on the numbers and the claims being made by the Police Department itself to justify the raise.

The data for their analysis are from the information and presentation being made by the Police Department which is found in the agenda packet and we are displaying below.

Here is the raw data in a spreadsheet form.

Palm Bay: Citizens Suffer, Employees Get A Day Off With Pay.

As we said yesterday, we normally wait for the day of a meeting to bring forth issues in a particular City or County, yet here we are again.

On Thursday, December 3, 2020, the City Council for the City of Palm Bay will meet at 7:00 PM for a regular meeting. This will be one of the first meetings since three new members of the Council – Randy Foster, Donny Felix and Rob Medina – were sworn in after the election.

The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

New Business item number 1 is described as:

Consideration of adopting Christmas Eve (December 24) as an official holiday observed by the City of Palm Bay. (Deputy Mayor Johnson)

There are very few people or groups that you will meet that are more Christmas oriented than we are. We love this time of year.

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