There Is A God.

We were beginning to worry.

You see, when Maryland stunned Hopkins last week in the NCAA Lacrosse tournament, we were worried how the semi-final game of Maryland vs. Duke would fit into our schedule. There were two possible game times – 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM. The problem is that a 2:30 PM game would be right in the middle of appearing on the Steve Bussey Radio Experience.

We had to pray for the 5:00 PM game.

Thankfully, our prayers were answered and the Maryland vs. Duke game is at 5:00 PM.

This will be the third time this year the Terps and the Blue Devils have met. After beating Duke 10-7 at College Park in March, the Terps lost to Duke in the ACC Tournament in April by a score of 6-5. We have to say that the two teams do not reflect the teams that played in March – they are both much better. To some extent, they are not the same two teams that played in the ACC Tournament. Duke has turned on the jets and loves to run even more than they did. Maryland has adopted more or a slow down approach with a clamp down defense.

When you look at the stats, the game is as close as can be, given each teams strengths and propensities.

We believe shots will be at a premium for this game which means the goalies will probably hold the key to the game.

It should be a good one. At stake is a spot in the Championship game on Monday against the winner of the Loyola vs. Notre Dame game.

But the timing of the game means we will be on the radio and to be honest with you, we are really happy about this. The show is packed with good stuff. We will be talking about Memorial Day, and have a tribute to those who have died in the service of our country. In addition, we will be talking about the lawsuit filed by over 40 Catholic organizations against ObamaCare. If that weren’t enough, Maryland State Delegate Pat McDonough will be on discussing being called a “racist” for pointing out a flash mob in Baltimore was comprised of young black youths. While normally the race of the people in a flash mob doesn’t matter, it does matter when members of that mob commit a hate crime based on race. McDonough has taken a ton of criticism for saying the Mayor and the police need to step up efforts to protect citizens, and for that he has been labeled a “racist.” Since he spoke out, more has happened in the city and around the country and we will be talking to him about the incidents, and whether people really want to have a frank and open discussion about race and crime in this country.

Lastly,as we announced today, we are going to have Aaron Worthing on the show. Aaron has been a target of convicted perjurer and domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin. His story is compelling which needs to be heard and understood by all Americans who are for free speech and against the suppression of ideas by the left and progressives through threats, intimidation, vexatious lawsuits and even the perception of violence.

We would have hated to make the choice between the game and the show, so this works out perfectly for us.

As always, you can hear the Steve Bussey Radio show on WMEL AM 1300 if you are in the east central part of Florida from 2 – 4 PM on Saturday. If you aren’t close, you can listen to the show on the internet and your cellphone. Don’t forget to call in and be a part of the show by dialing (321) 631-1300.

Give us a call and a shout out for the Terps!

Fear the Turtle!

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