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Today’s Topic: Flag Day.


In its most basic form, it is a piece of cloth.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Yeah, the cloth has three different colors that are stitched together, but it is still cloth. A few cloth stars on a blue background adds to the look, but in its essence, it is pieces of cloth sewn together.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Of course, a wedding dress is just a piece of cloth as well. A picture is just some ink on a piece of paper. A wedding ring is just a hunk of metal.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Take a deep breath and tell your wife that the dress she wore for your wedding is “just a piece of cloth.” Take a look at that picture of a deceased parent. Try to believe that it is just “paper and ink.” Take the wedding ring off your finger and look at the inscription. Nothing but a hunk of metal, right?

The value of objects is not in the physical make-up, it is the value of the object in the heart.

Which brings us to the American Flag. Old Glory. The Stars and Stripes.

Flags have been around since 3000 B.C. The flags were used to indicate tribes and nations as well as communicate who was a friend and a foe.

Flags were used to say “this is who we are.”

For Americans today, this is somewhat a difficult concept to understand. We are so concerned about being a hyphenated people (European-American, African-American, Asian-American, etc,” that we have seem to have forgotten “who we are.”

That is a shame. We forget that when the colonists were fighting for independence, carrying the flag was an honor. The best man in each regiment was chosen to carry the flag. Men died protecting not only the country, not only each other, but also the man who stood next to them carrying the flag of this young country – his words and actions screaming “this is who we are.”

As a young boy and a resident of Baltimore, I can remember going to Fort McHenry. I remember hearing and reading the history of the British bombardment of the fort on September 13 – 14, 1814. Despite thousands of rockets and bombs being launched at the defenders within the fort who could not fire back, in the morning the American flag was still flying over the fort letting the British know, “this is who we are.”

In the Civil Way, an American flag flew in the center of Union Troops on Cematary Ridge as unit from the Confederacy marched up the hill toward them. The battle, known as “Pickett’s Charge” was the “high water mark” of the Confederacy. At the end of the battle, the flag still flew, proclaiming, “this is who we are.”

In World War II, the most famous and iconic image of the flag is the raising of the flag on Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. After a bloody battle that would continue for months, the American flag told the Japanese “this is who we are.”

In the years since that battle, the use and reverence for the flag has waned and risen again. In the 1960’s, it was not uncommon to see flags being burned or worn on tattered clothing.

After 9/11, reverence for the flag seemed to return. Even though it is against the Flag to have the flag on sport uniforms, it is common to see it there now. Police, fireman, etc wear the flag with pride and honor, adding their voices to the chorus of “this is who we are.”

As we observe and celebrate this flag day, we hope that you see more in the flag than pieces of cloth. We hope you look at it and say, “this is who we are.”

We hope that you carry the promise and ideals of the flag into the future.


Because this is who we are.

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  2. SisterOne says:

    You are so spot on! The American Flag does represent who we are. One nee only see an Olympic athlete representing the USA after winning gold, the first thing they do is reach for an American Flag to wave. It represent their country, it represents them.

    The American flag identifies me and makes me proud! Enjoy and treasure your Flag day every one.