USPS Breaks All Barriers For Incompetence.

If you have been following our staffer’s saga on getting a USPS 2-3 day mail to its destination, you may have noticed that we jokingly said on Saturday that the mail moved and we attributed it to our original post.

Tracking shows the item was scheduled to go to a post office. Instead, the item went to a new “USPS facility” where it has sat for five days. That facility is literally 5 miles from the post office that is to deliver the letter / package to a destination that is 4 blocks away from that post office.

In short, the USPS can’t move a letter / package 5 miles in 5 days.

Today, he decided to call the USPS and see what was going on. They can’t tell you, but they would start a “case” on the issue.

There was a problem with that plan as the phone system is broken. According to the staffer, when you automatically get transferred to an “agent,” the phone hangs up.

Sorry! No agent for you!

He decided to take advantage of the online / email system to register a complaint.

That didn’t go well either.

(click on the image for a larger version in a new tab)

This package / letter is time sensitive.

The USPS sold delivery for 2-3 days and on this past Friday, it will have been three weeks without delivery.

Don’t worry though. In August of this year the USPS is raising prices on everything including a first class stamp that will go from 55 cents to 58 cents.

Maybe by then the package will get there, but we doubt it.

The USPS is rapidly approaching being the gold standard for government incompetence.

(If they aren’t there already.)

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