What The Heck Is Wrong With People?

A 30 year old Georgia man by the name of Victor Lee Tucker decided he would end an argument he was having with a cashier over wearing a mask.

He shot and killed her.

The shopper, identified as Victor Lee Tucker Jr., 30, of Palmetto, initially left the Big Bear supermarket after the argument but came back with a gun, according to the GBI. The volatile incident also resulted in injury to an off-duty sheriff’s deputy working as a security guard, who tried to intervene and was shot during an exchange of gunfire.


[Sheriff Melody] Maddox said the argument was “in reference to wearing a mask.” According to the GBI’s initial investigation, Tucker left the supermarket following the argument without making a purchase, but immediately returned.

Several other people were inside the store when gunfire erupted about 1:10 p.m., the sheriff said.

“Tucker walked directly back to the cashier, pulled out a handgun and shot her,” GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles said in a news release. “Tucker then began shooting at a (DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office) deputy who was attempting to intervene while working off-duty at the supermarket. The deputy and Tucker exchanged gunfire, and both were wounded during the shootout.”

A second cashier was grazed by a bullet, Miles said. Tucker was trying to crawl out of the supermarket’s front doors when he was stopped and arrested by two responding DeKalb police officers, she said.

There is no excuse for this. None.

We can’t imagine why anyone would shoot another person in a grocery store over whether to wear a mask or not.

“So what did you do today, Honey?”

“Oh. went to the grocery store, got some milk and eggs, shot and killed the cashier….”

We live in a time where people have lost all sense of morality and rationality.

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