What’s In a Name?

Why would anyone name a blog “Raised on Hoecakes?”


Back in 2010, there was a lot of discussion concerning the tone and civility (or lack thereof) in political discourse in this country. Somehow people thought that the “good ol’ days” in the political arena were much more civil and polite than they are now. (I could have missed it, but I don’t remember John McCain challenging Barack Obama to a duel a la Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.)

Enter our friends at who produced the video below on the rancor and name calling between two of our greatest Founding Fathers, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.


Adams attacks Jefferson on many personnel traits and zings the deadly insult that Jefferson was “raised on hoecakes.”

In case you don’t know, a “hoecake” (or “hoe-cake”) is a pancake that is made with cornmeal instead of flour. Hoecakes have long been a staple of the southern diet and are downright tasty. (You can find a plain hoecake recipe from Paula Dean here. If you want to be more adventurous, you can try okra laced hoecakes.)

We have no idea why this was an insult. Perhaps the simple hoecake was not as refined a food as Adams was used to and was trying to say that by eating hoecakes, Jefferson was uncouth and unrefined.

We are not nearly the thinker and innovator as Jefferson, but we think we can match him in being uncouth and unrefined.

So the blog name became “Raised on Hoecakes.”

The name has had an interesting effect on people as we tell them the name and always get the response of “excuse me?”

So let’s get this straight. It is “hoe-cakes,” not “ho-cakes.”

The bottom line is that it is our blog and we can name it whatever we want.

And if you don’t like it, you were raised at McDonald’s.

So there.

What about the name “A. Afterwit?”


Ben Franklin used many pen names when publishing “Poor Richard’s Almanac.”

One of those names was “A. Afterwit,” who wrote with a bit of innocence, cluelessness and humor – all characteristics people say we have. (Maybe not “humor,” but you never know.)

As the name fits us, we are stealing borrowing it for the time being.

Hope Ben doesn’t mind.