Who We Are

We have always felt that “Who I Am” or “About Me” pages are a little self serving and border on being obnoxious. After all, we don’t ask who you are when you visit so why should it matter who we are.

Still, maybe a page like this is good for a basis to know where we are coming from.

In no particular order, who we are and what that means to some people…..

    We are Americans. To some, that means that we are jingoistic, uncouth, uncivilized and ignorant of world issues.

    We live in the South – below the Mason Dixon line. To some, that means that we use code words like “states rights” in a pathetic attempt to cover up our latent hatred of other races. (They also believe that we wish the Confederacy had won the Civil War.)

    Some of us are sports officials. To some, that means that we are blind and stupid. On playing fields and courts, we have been asked to do things that we are sure are anatomically impossible.

    We enjoy sports and believe that pro sports are infinitely inferior in scope and presentation to sports at the college level

    We are avid readers. This bothers some as they don’t like people that are reading instead of watching “Survivor” or “American Idol.”

    We are conservatives with some libertarian leanings. To some, this means that we are a heartless bastards who don’t understand that people need to be told what are the best decisions for them.

    We were against the policies and politics of the former President, one Barack Obama. To some, this means that we are racists, but since they already thought that because of where we live, we are not sure that they aren’t piling on.

    We are a terrible spellers. You would think that we would be better at spelling because of all the books we read. Thank God for spell checkers.

    Speaking of God, we are Christians, agnostics and atheists.

    For the most part, we are against abortion in almost all cases other than rape and incest. Even then we have trouble with thinking that a life – no matter under what circumstances they were conceived – is worthless. To some, that means that we are anti-woman and heartless to the plight of people that cannot keep their clothes on.

    We are against homosexuality in that we see it as a sin. That does not mean that we believe it is a sin greater than any other sin. But a sin is a sin is a sin. To some, that means that we are homophobic. (Actually, some of us are theophobic, but that is a story for another day.)

    We have a tendency to be verbose and believe in the adage of “never use a large word when a diminutive one will suffice.”

    We believe that snapshots of people and groups such as this are basically a waste of time and people should get to know each other by talking, rather than reading a page or asking in an online chat room “ASL?”

With that in mind, if you have questions about us, feel free to ask.

We are not saying that we will always answer, but it is worth a shot.